Your Song

4 Mar

I have heard this song a few times already but it was only today that it finally caught my attention. I had never really paid attention to they lyrics lost in the extreme bass drops and wobbles this remix has but I finally realized what it was.

This is a remix done by Butch Clancy



It’s actually a remix of Ellie Goulding’s┬ácover of Elton John’s This is Your Song. So it’s like triple musical inception. Haha.

Here is Ellie’s version. It’s┬ábeautiful, not to mention that I am a sucker for songs with a piano and violin accompanying a beautiful voice.



I do remember when Lady Gaga and Elton John sang together at the grammy’s a few years ago. They did a “mash-up” of Lady Gaga’s song speechless and Elton John’s This is Your Song. Check out the video here, I set it to start at the best part.

….and you can tell everybody, that this is your song….

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