25 Feb

I have been listening to strictly 60’s oldies lately. I can’t seem to get over the song The Wanderer by Dion. I just love the lyrics because I’ve often felt like a wanderer not having lived in any single place for more than 5 years. I think I love this part of the song the most which I have modified to fit me signing it 🙂

I’m the type of gal that likes to roam around
I’m never in one place, I roam from town to town
And when I find myself fallin’ for some guy
I hop right into that car of mine and ride around the world
Cause I’m the wanderer
Yeah, the wanderer
I roam around, around, around


[audio:http://sixties60s.com/1962/radio/The%20Wanderer.mp3|titles= The Wanderer|artists= Dion]

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