Wall of Physics

7 Jun

Now that I’ve officially talked about becoming a teacher and all, I might as well bring you along for the journey I have embarked on. Up until now I have done a ton of stuff in order to be prepared for the fall. One of the outstanding tasks I have yet to complete is taking and passing my physics certification exam. I will be taking it for the first time this Saturday. I have been studying all week….who am I kidding, I started studying last night for this.

I found that I am still pretty kick ass at physics though I am excellent in statics/kinematics and somewhat deficientĀ in electricity/magnetism and optics.

I woke up early this morning ready to hit the books. This was the result.

Did I ever mentioned I learned physics in Spanish?

Once the studying began, I realized I needed a way to visualize all the equations I would need to memorize. So I came up with the wall of physics…


Less that 36 hours to go until my exam, its crammin’ time! Wish me luck!

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