Science Jeopardy!

10 Oct

In attempts to make my classes more interesting for my students I am always thinking of fun and exciting ways to review material that doesn’t involve me standing in front of a powerpoint slide and lecturing at them.

Beside teaching physics, I also teach one section of Earth Science. I find the topics in Earth Science quite interesting so I am enjoying teaching it. For our second unit exam review, I decided to create an Exam Topic Jeopardy game.


Since I want to make sure everyone participates, I am going to have teams of three students and each team will have the opportunity to answer the question. They will have one minute to discuss the question and then when time is up they will have to raise a sign with their letter answer. This way I can gauge how well students understand the material and hopefully address any misconceptions as through out the game.

We’ll see how it goes, sometimes these lessons play out better in my head than they do in real like. Sort of like my play-doh disaster from last week…I don’t even want to talk about that.

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