Parent Teacher Conference

25 Oct

Today was Parent Teacher Conference. Out of about 160 students, I had around 30 parents show up, which according to other teachers is a pretty good turn out.

Its always nice to see parents invested in their kids education. It’s just as nice to tell parents that their kids are wonderful, hardworking students – assuming they are. What isn’t as fun is telling parents that their kids are cutting or disrupting my class but I was straight and to the point with all the parents. I did enjoy very much meeting the parents and can’t wait for tomorrow’s afternoon parent-teacher conference where I get to meet some more parents!

On another note, I managed to leave my classroom and wander around the school building for a while today. Usually I am so busy I rarely leave my classroom or the science area.

I was incredibly happy to find a peace pole inside my school. I have traveled all over the world and seen peace poles from Peru to Cambodia so it’s refreshing to see one at home. I don’t know how I didn’t notice it sooner, I walk near this part of the school on my way in every day!


On a funny note….saw this while checking out the peace pole….


And finally, two bonus adorable kitty pictures

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