Guilty Pleasure

13 Mar

How could I forget?! Today is Martes 13…or in English, Tuesday the 13th!! In Spain and Latin America, Tuesday the 13th is ┬áregarded in the same way as we see Friday the 13th, a day of bad luck. It is commonly said that on this day you should neither get married nor travel since it is thought it will end badly if begun on this day. Why Tuesday? Tuesday (or Martes in Spanish) is related to Mars, who is the God of war in Roman Mythology. War = destruction+blood+violence = BAAAAAD

On that note, I’ll segway into some music….

There has been too much good music to keep up with lately but I couldn’t get enough of this beat. I think what hypnotizes me about this SBTRKT single is the organ and the drops and rises around it. It’s titled Surely. That’s fine, but don’t call me Shirley >.<



And up next is my guilty pleasure. I don’t know why but I just cannot get enough of the band Fun. Just heard a remix of one of their currently popular songs, We Are Young. This version is by Alvin Risk


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