First Day Of School

6 Sep

First Day. I survived. I am tired and I have so much work in front of me.

The rules in my classroom revolve around the 5 P’s: Prompt, Prepared, Productive, Polite and Proud. One of the things I did today was have my students pair up and I assigned them a specific ‘P’. I told them to write down on a post it all the things they thought about when thinking about how that P related to our class. I had them stick the post its on a poster with the P they were given. It actually went pretty well for all my classes. Here are a few snapshots of the finished product.


I was going to summarize all the post its and write it directly on the poster, but I really like how this came out. I will probably leave it like this but laminate it so the post its don’t fall or get pulled off.

I love this one because it says “ready for challenges ahead.” Unfortunately the word flexible is spelled wrong.

Tomorrow I am giving my students and unannounced exam. MUAHAHAHAHA. It’s actually a diagnostic for me to see where they are as far as the subject matter so it won’t really hurt them.

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