Final Training Days

29 Jul

Thursday was my last day of lead teaching and the last day with my students. Friday was my last day of official TFA training at St. Johns. I was happy to move back home to my own comfy bed and to my own cooked meals.

My last day of class was also the last day I was lead teaching. I taught the class about ratios and proportions. The class went ok though I lost track of time easily. The last hour my students organized their binders and went through all the topics determining their progress. During this time one of my students took one of the stickers we were using to label their binders and stuck it on me. See below.

I know, there is a typo but it’s still awesome. I was very happy to know my students, despite only spending 3 weeks with them, had really liked me as their teacher. I hope they keep studying hard for the next 3 weeks before they have to re-take their exam.

Thursday night we had our entire corps closing ceremonies and Friday afternoon we had our school group closing.

Friday also we spent time signing cards for everyone in our small groups as well as giving each other superlative awards.┬áHere’s most of our group signing cards.

Here is my superlative prize, I really liked mine:

And because you probably can’t read that, here is a picture of just the award.

I’m sure my ex co-workers at Hamilton Sundstrand, now UTC Aerospace Systems would get a kick out of that.

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