Favorite Teacher

14 Jan

Last week I administered the first part of the State Exam to my one and only Earth Science class. This part is called the practical component where students are required to complete three tasks in an allotted time of nine minutes each. The three tasks are as follows:

1) Draw the elliptical orbit of an asteroid that orbits the sun given the foci locations
2) Identify two types of rocks and one mineral
3) Find the epicenter of an earthquake given the distances of two cities and the arrival  time between P-wave and S-waves at a third city.

I spent the week drilling these three things in class before the practical. My students seemed somewhat confident after the fact and I am hoping they all did well. Upon collecting their exam answer booklets I saw the following:

Favorite Teacher

┬áNeedless to say I teared up and my heart filled with warmth. It’s things like this that make all the late nights, early mornings, long commute, stressful days, work filled weekends totally worth it.

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