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Summer so Far

7 Aug

One of the perks of being a teacher is that after working insanely hard from September – June, I get the months of July and August off. Although I haven’t had to teach a class all summer, I have been in graduate school taking two classes as well as planning an getting ready for the next school year. But lets not talk about the less exciting things I have done this summer and focus instead of the fun things I have gotten to do!

The summer started off with an awesome journey to Michigan via Chicago to spend 4 days camping at Electric Forest. I went with a group of seven other friends and we spent 4 awesome days listening to awesome music and camping. Here are just a few of the pictures we took.

Eforest 2013


After the four days I spent one final day in Chicago before flying home.

With all my luggage at The Bean

With all my luggage at The Bean

Looking at Chicago from 96 floors up

Looking at Chicago from 96 floors up


Shortly after returning from that trip it was the fourth of July and I headed to the Jersey Shore with some friends. Spent four awesome days relaxing in the sun, in the pool and at the beach.

Fun in the Sun!

Fun in the Sun!


Not all was fun and games. I spent a lot of time doing school work and taking exams while all this was happening. I even completed an online exam on my phone while floating in the pool one afternoon.

A few weeks after that I took a trip to Montreal for my friend Amy’s bachelorette party. We spend 4 awesome days hanging out in one of my favorite cities, eating smoked meat at Schwartz, hanging out late night at the Saint Suplice, riding bikes 20 miles along Canal Lachine, eating delicious crepes, walking around Mount Royal watching the drum circle. hanging out on the Parc John Drapeau on St. Helen’s Island, eating delicious foie grias and pigs foot at Au Pie Du Cachon and walking around old town eating poutine.

Bikes, Notre Dame and Crepes

Bikes, Notre Dame and Crepes

From clockwise from top left of long picture: Kristen, me, Amy, Bassey and Stephanie

Clockwise from top left of long picture: Kristen, me, Amy, Bassey and Stephanie


And finally, the last adventure I have had until now was going out boating for the day with my old engineering design co-workers from Hamilton Sundstrand . We departed from  Old Lyme beach in CT and ended up at Napatree Beach in Rhode Island.

Beach Collage 2

Beach Collage 1


Unfortunately the summer is almost over and I just finished my last graduate class of the summer. I have a few weeks to get myself organized for the beginning of the next school year and then the craziness starts all over again, but with a new batch of kids! I’ll have to admit I am going to miss my old classes and will be lucky if this year I have students that are as awesome as they were.

Teacher Fortune

25 Nov

I am feeling a bit under the weather due to the sporadic weather patterns lately. I do not handle quick transitions from mild to freezing temperatures very well so I have been stuffy and sniffly all day.

I went to make myself some tea when I stopped to read my tea-fortunate and thought it was quite fitting for a day filled of class planning (or attempting to plan)

It’s true. One learns most by teaching others.


11 Nov

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

Because I am not a man and cannot grow a moustache, I have decided to show my support a little differently.

Happy Movember!


4 Nov

B.B.E. = Best Birthday Ever!

Had the cutest wake up call….

Spent the long daylight savings night having a blast

Me and Kristen!

My friend Kristen just moved up the block from me which is pretty awesome! It’s crazy how people you meet through the most distant of friends end up being more a part of your life than you ever would have thought. So we started my birthday celebrations last night before daylight savings!

After a full day of miscellaneous celebrations, I decided to make a cake based on the supplies available in my place. It actually turned out delicious.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it before I devoured half of it =P Oh and that tray behind the mostly eaten banana bread is a tray of brownies I made earlier this week we also recently devoured!

Oh, and lets not forget that my favorite band, Green Day, recently released their newest single. Unfortunately they have decided to add it as a part of the twilight saga soundtrack. But I forgive them. Green Day has been my favorite band since age 9.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Cake Boss

22 May

I have had the great fortune to work with one of the most talented bakers ever. My co-worker and friend Montira asked me a few days ago what some of my favorite things were. My response: shoes, dark chocolate, heath bar and the color pink.

This is what she brought me today as a going away gift.


The accurate description of the cake as described by the creator is “chocolate cake, layered with chocolate buttercream frosting, Heath bits and brownie chunks, covered in pink vanilla buttercream frosting, enrobed in dark chocolate ganache and decorated with a fondant shoe and fairy puke.”

Thank you Montira, you really know how to make dreams come true! Check out more of here amazing work on here website at

French Toast

7 Apr

Had breakfast yesterday morning at a quaint little breakfast place close to my CT home. I could not resist the chocolate chocolate chip pound cake french toast they had on the menu. It was delictable.

Melt in Your Mouth

25 Mar

I have been in Canada for a few days now attempting to snowboard. Unfortunately this trip was planned months ago before we knew this winter would be more like summer. To make up for it, we went into Montreal last night for some delicious food.

We went to Au Pied de Cachon and had a feast of the most amazing food I have ever had. Take a look. Not the best quality pictures but it should get the point across.

Tomato Tartlet

French Onion Soup – Pretty much melted cheese soup with a hint of onion

Duck in a Can – Seriously…duck, cooked in a can and then dumped on your plate

Fois Gras Burger – This was to most amazing burger I have ever had. It seriously just melted in my mouth

Poutine – Deliciously fatty french fries with cheese in a heavy gravy sauce

Lemon Meringue Pie – One of the 4 desserts we had

Needless to say I am about 10 pounds heavier today and probably shortened my life by a few years with so much fattiness but WOW! What a delicious meal.

Weekend Cookies

26 Feb

Lazy Sunday resulted in lots of oatmeal cookies!

Tasty Imperfections

6 Feb

This weekend I encountered quite a few odd looking fruits and veggies. Not sure if this is a strange sign of sorts but take a look for yourself


I guess this serves as a reminder that fruits and veggies, like us, are not always perfect looking. Despite their odd exterior appearance all of them were quite tasty.


Designer for Hire

31 Jan

My brother  is the best graphic designer out there. If you don’t believe me check out his work at If anyone needs a graphic designer see poster below:

I have one of his collages framed at work. It’s one of my favorites and fits right in with the rest of the spacesuits we have on site.