Believe in Yourself

2 Jul

I have spent the last several days learning how to write lesson plans for 9th grade algebra topics. Although it sounds very simple, SOOOOOOOO much work goes into lesson planning. We have been working at our school site for the past few days. As I was walking around from class to class I noticed this awesome mural

I love that it says “Believe in yourself and stop trying to convince others”

Also, in my lesson planning adventures, I was trying to think of an interesting ice breaker to have the students do on the first day. My team decided that we would ask each person to introduce themselves and tell us one interesting fact about themselves. Though I came up with a few for myself (falling into the CT river, having a patent, fencing in college…) I thought the mostĀ interestingĀ and possibly thought provoking thing I could share was my travel experiences. I decided I would share the number of countries I had traveled to but I had honestly never stopped to count them up before and so I wrote up a list

I don’t know how in writing that I completely forgot Peru so it should be 19 countries total. It’s a shame they didn’t let me get on the plane when I was supposed to go to Scotland because then I would have been in the 20’s!! Oh well, just have the keep the adventures going!!!

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