Being a Teacher

9 Sep

My first week as a teacher (well the first 2 days of the first week) went better than expected. Must be because I didn’t really get into content but more shared what the structure of the class was going to be.

I don’t think I have had a more awful weekend like this one in a long time. After an exhausting 12 hour day, I took the subway home, only to find when I got home that someone had swiped my wallet out of my bag. When I checked my bank card accounts there were several charges made for unlimited metrocards on every single one of my cards. FML. All I wanted to do Friday night was sleep and rest after two intense days. I ended up having to call all my banks and cancel all my cards and submit dispute charges for all the transactions completed. I also had my license stolen so Saturday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn to wait 1.5 hours in line at the DMV to get a new license. Luckily I was second in line and got out pretty quickly once they did open.

In any case, the last few days I have spent traveling around NYC with my giant teacher back going to different places between grad school orientation and the Teach for America office to do some work and get some class handouts copied. The printing/copying situation a my school is mediocre at best. There’s a giant copier in a hot hot room that does not collate or staple. So having to print several pages, for 5 classes of ~34 students each is not very convenient. I have already spent way too much time collating and stapling hundreds of page.

But on some more adorable news, the kitties had their surgeries to remove their reproductive parts. They have been quite drugged up and adorable the past few days.  I was lucky enough to get a good picture of them recreating Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam that is most famous for being in the Sistine Chapel. What do you think?


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