White Board Skillz

10 Jul

Today’s algebra lessons went much better than yesterday. We were still split up into three small groups but we had a much better arrangement for the kiddos. My group of kids was fantastic! They were so motivated today and great at following directions.

The second best part of today was that my mentor teacher complimented me on my board writing abilities! Apparently I had a very nice logical way of presenting the new material. Today we learned how to graph equations in the form y=mx+b as well as inequalities. Here is a picture that was taken of my awesome white board skillz


The best part of the day was that my students did awesome on their exit exams for their review on what they learned today!!

Tomorrow I don’t have to teach since my co-teachers are each teaching a full class lesson on their own. I get to do mine Thursday! I will be teaching the kiddos how to factor. I even got one of the kids to share a rap he made up for factoring trinomials.

If you don’t MULTIPLY it to the LAST, you gonna fail the class.
If it isn’t ADDED to the MIDDLE you end up with a riddle!

I am going to see if I can get up and rap that in front of the class Thursday. We’ll see how that goes!

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