Whiskey in the Jar

17 Apr

Am I the only person in the world that didn’t know the Metallica song Whiskey in the Jar is actually a remake of an old traditional Irish song which first gained a lot of exposure when the Dubliners performed it internationally?!?! I heard the song on the radio a few days ago and it reminded me of the 90′ when I used to love that song. So I googled it being the curious george that I am and there was a whole wiki on the song!

Here is the original version:

It’s soooo good, hahaha.

It was also performed by Thin Lizzy in the early 70’s. Also a great rendition.

And finally the Metallica version which I grew up watching. I always did love this song. Looking back now, I was 13 when that video was released…probably shouldn’t have been watching it at that age haha.

My favorite part:

Now some men like the fishing.
And some men like fowling.
And some men like to hear
The cannonballs are roaring
Me – I like sleeping

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