The Shoe Chronicles

15 Oct

So I am a punk, I know. I don’t update as much as I don’t really have a purpose in my blogs, I just like to rave and rant about nothing.

This post however is the beginning (of hopefully) a series of blogs that chronicles all the shoes I currently have in my collection. As some of you may know, I am addicted  to shoes. My obsession is limited to the price I am willing to pay for a pair of shoes and mostly to the fact that my shoe size is pretty unpopular (5.5)

Despite that, I have managed to accumulate at least 79 pairs of shoes. This does not include my hiking boots or any running shoes I might own.

I will start with my FAVORITE pair of shoes. This is not a pair of shoes  I wear often as the price tag was much much higher than what I usually am willing to pay.

The story behind this shoe goes like this: I was wandering around NYC I have no idea why. I somehow ended up in Lord and Taylor, alone. I remember I was not having a very good day, nor a very good week. That might be the reason I ended up at Lord and Taylor in the first place. So, as usual, I head STRAIGHT to the second floor where all the shoes are and I find my way quickly to the sale rack. As a good (excessive) shoe buyer, I always head to the sale rack. Not only that, but I head to the one rack that’s smaller than all the others, the 5.5 and below size rack. Somehow I find a shoe that catches my eye. It’s a classic black and white, open toed, strappy, HIGH STILLETO. I am in love. I want it, I need, oh baby, oh baby. What’s not so nice about it? The price tag….Taking a second look, it’s a Betsy Johnson shoe which is always pricier than I am willing to pay. BUT, today is a special day, I am feeling somewhat under the weather and need a pick me up and I think I have found it.

I try on the shoe and BAM….CINDERELLA. I feel like a princess. I strut around the store like I a boss and the shoe is mine, no question about it. I don’t care about anything else. Something so meaningless and unimportant has made my day.


And that is my love story. One of many to come =)

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