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8 Jan

As a first year teacher I often find myself spending 10 hours a day at my school only to come home and spend the rest of the evening planning. I filled out a survey from my school recently asking me how many hours a week I spend on school tasks between teaching and planning and I was shocked to answer 80+ hours a week. I never understood how someone could work more than their usual 40 hours at a job. Now I get it. The more time I spend perfecting my lessons, the more my students benefit and the more I spread the knowledge of physics around the world.

Let me tell you, there is no feeling similar to having a student come after school for help and seeing them leave having learned and accomplished so much. Most importantly though is seeing them leave with a huge smile on their face because they overcame a huge obstacle. It truly warms my heart and allows me to continue these crazy hours.

I have managed to work on a pretty good stress relieving system. I find myself every night spending time dancing alone in my room. I find pure joy and happiness as I just let my hair down while singing and dancing to some very rhythmic songs. Here is my top 4 list of songs I jam to post a night of heavy planning – in no particular order.

Ms. Chabebe’s Post-Planning Dance Mix
(if only my students knew, muahahaha!!)

1.) Shania Twain – Feel like a Woman

[audio:http://rocky-52.net/son/son_t/twain_shania/twain_shania_manifeellikeawoman.mp3|titles= Man! I feel like a Woman|artists= Shania Twain]

2.) Robyn – Dancing on my Own

[audio:http://a.tumblr.com/tumblr_lax0qa2W8q1qz6aawo1.mp3|titles= Dancing on my Own|artists= Robyn]

3.) Kumbia Queers – El Veraneao

[bandcamp album=3174756114  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]


4.) Danza Kuduro by Don Omar Ft. Lucenzo – Danza Kuduro

[audio:http://a.tumblr.com/tumblr_lm0ei6t1g71qbqcrso1.mp3|titles= Danza Kuduro|artists= Don Omar ft. Lucenzo]

These lyrics from the previous song just summarize so well my need to dance. Sorry to those non Spanish speakers

Quien puede domar la fuerza del mar que se mete por tus venas.
Lo caliente del sol que se te metió y no te deja quieta nena.
Quien puede parar eso que al bailar descontrola tus caderas,
Y ese fuego que quema por dentro
Y lento te convierte en fiera.
Con las manos arriba, cintura sola, da media vuelta

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