Solo Teaching

11 Jul

Tomorrow is my first day solo teaching and I am pretty nervous about it. I will be teaching factoring! I happened to find out that one of my students wrote a little rhyme for factoring when he learned it earlier this year. I decided to take that idea and run with it.

Tomorrow….on my first solo teaching day….I will be rapping about factoring to my students….

What I did was take my students rhyme and add some verses to it. I am not very good at all at this stuff but I figured it would be fun for me and fun for the kids watch me make a fool of myself. Here is my rap, the sections in bold are my students words.

Before you start factoring
You gotta think bright
Which method will you use
To get the problem right?

 There are 3 types of factoring
Lets start with the first
Greatest common factors
Will be easily rehearsed

But if there’s only 2 terms
Take a look with care
Cuz it might be the difference
Of two perfect squares

If you still don’t know
Then maybe what’s involved
Is a trinomial expression
You know how to solve

Break it down –
If you don’t MULTIPLY it to the LAST
you gonna fail this class.

If it isn’t ADDED to the MIDDLE
you end up with a riddle!

Please bear with me
I’m not rap genius
But my crazy rhymes
Might just help you pass the regents!

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