Run Run Run

15 Apr

I have been training for about 2 months now for my half marathon. Today was my 10 mile run day and I was pretty nervous about it since I have never run that far, ever! My friend Nathan who is running the Brooklyn half with me picked out a really nice route through manchester-south windsor-vernon. Hereis a map of the run:

The last three miles were really nice since it was a woodsy-trail area. The first half of the run was a bit tough because there were some hills and inclines. What’s especially tough is when you find out you’re only at the half way point and feel pretty exhausted already! I managed to get my second wind and continue on and finish strong!

Our total time was 1 hour and 26 minutes which averages out to an 8:36 minute mile pace.

Adding up my mileage this week I have a total of 21 miles run!! I have been using dailymile to track my progress and I like how it shows my weekly training. Check it out:

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