Parent Teacher Conference

17 Mar

This past week was parent teacher conference (PTC) at my school! I always look forward to this night so I can congratulate the parents whose kids are awesome students and have serious discussions with those parents of my struggling students.

Since I was busy running around getting things set up for PTC I asked some of my students to write “Welcome Parents” on my smartboard. They began using the most brightly colored and obnoxious fonts so I asked them to please write it in a more serious font. This was the final product….

IMG_2049I guess I had that coming to me and I got a good laugh out of it. Luckily I had enough time to change it before parents came in.

Conferences with parents took place Thursday evening and Friday afternoon so Friday the students had a half day. I had a wonderful time talking to all the parents. One of my students parents gave me a huge hug and said to me “Our son talks about you all the time at home. Thank you for everything you have done. You are so beautiful and smart.” How can my heart not be filled with warmth after that?   Another one of my students told her mother I was her favorite teacher ever because I was so serious and she likes serious teachers.

Listening to the parents talk about how their sons/daughters feel about my class and how they talk about me at home all the time really makes all the effort, hard work and sleepless nights worth every single second. Although I am their teacher, they are teaching me so much too.

Friday I let my students use the smartboard before leaving school for the day. I should have learned my lesson from the day before but this was the result after my students left my classroom.



Every now and then I get sad at the thought of having a new batch of students next year. Hopefully they will be just as wonderful as my current students.


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