23 Jan

There is no logical explanation in my mind that can decipher why it is perfectly okay that a CEO of a company makes 343 times more than the average workers’ pay.

Let’s do some math. According to the Wage Statistics published by the Social Security Administration, the median wage for 2010 was estimated to be $26,363.55. That means, the average CEO would be making3 $26,363.55*343 =  $9,042,697.65 = 9 million dollars.

Now, of course this average CEO wouldn’t get to keep all those 9million, being part of the highest tax bracket he would have to pay 35% in taxes meaning he “only” gets to keep 65% of that 9 mil: $9,042,697.65*0.65 = $5,877,753.47.

Let’s put that into perspective. Knowing that there are 52 weeks in a year: $5,877,753.47/52 = $113,033.72 per week.
Meaning: $113,033.72/5 = $22,606.74 daily. 

So, the average CEO makes in ONE DAY just about as much as the average worker makes in ONE YEAR.


The following chart is just plain scary. Just look at the y-axis increments, every $5,000,000!!!

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