Moon Colony

26 Jan

Hey Newt, I studied engineering, math and science (and continue to study). I work in the space industry designing parts for a spaceship that was supposed to go back to the moon. I think boldly about the future, I study hard and work hard. BUT SERIOUSLY? You have never been so detached from reality. Everything he is saying in this video is to win the votes of Floridians by saying things that they want to hear.

Not sure what his plan is to do this but plenty of people already think NASA spends way too much government money. Let’s see what percentage of the federal budget the Space industry actually takes up.

If you can read the tiny number in the pie chart, that’s 2% dedicated to general science, space and technology.

And for those of you who are cheering for commercial space, I am all for it, but why did SpaceX indefinitely postpone their early February mission to dock with the ISS?

“We believe that there are a few areas that will benefit from additional work and will optimize the safety and success of this mission,” Kirstin Grantham, a SpaceX spokeswoman, told Los Angeles Times in a statement.

Designing for Space is no joke. Hardware cannot be built without the highest level of reliability and everything is being designed, built, tested and qualified as a first time, unique item practically. Designing for space is a task that requires incredible due diligence and serious amounts of analysis. And all this  boils down to high costs. I know this because I am surrounded by it every day.

On a lighter note…here’s me posing with a few spacesuits!