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11 Dec

So I am teaching vector addition in preparation for finding vector components when solving projectile motion problems to my physics students. I am especially nervous about this topic because I teach freshman, which for the most part are concurrently taking algebra at the moment. That means they have never taken trig or heard of sine, cosine or tangent of an angle. Actually – they have never heard the term theta. Hence why I woke up from a nightmare not too long ago where I was teaching finding vector components and had bombed the whole lesson.

Needless to say I have started out very basic to make sure my kids follow with all the vector math. For HW the first night I had them draw a scaled diagram that showed the displacement from my house (Ms. Chabebe’s house) to Hillcrest High School given a certain magnitude and direction.

I found some of my student’s work quite entertaining.

Trailer Park

Fishing for brownie points


Massive upgrade from the trailer – suburban home, front yard with giant driveway, two car garage with a sweet car, and even a dog frolicking in the yard!

Lesson Learned: I need to start assigning more HW that will be entertaining to grade

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