Melt in Your Mouth

25 Mar

I have been in Canada for a few days now attempting to snowboard. Unfortunately this trip was planned months ago before we knew this winter would be more like summer. To make up for it, we went into Montreal last night for some delicious food.

We went to Au Pied de Cachon and had a feast of the most amazing food I have ever had. Take a look. Not the best quality pictures but it should get the point across.

Tomato Tartlet

French Onion Soup – Pretty much melted cheese soup with a hint of onion

Duck in a Can – Seriously…duck, cooked in a can and then dumped on your plate

Fois Gras Burger – This was to most amazing burger I have ever had. It seriously just melted in my mouth

Poutine – Deliciously fatty french fries with cheese in a heavy gravy sauce

Lemon Meringue Pie – One of the 4 desserts we had

Needless to say I am about 10 pounds heavier today and probably shortened my life by a few years with so much fattiness but WOW! What a delicious meal.

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