Magicians Assistant

9 Dec

While out for girls brunch yesterday, I was approached by a magician and asked to be his assistant for the brief show he was going to put on for the empty place we were at. Knowing that this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity I immediately accepted his offer. Upon accepting, he gave me a balloon with a fortune written on a piece of paper that was inside the balloon and he asked me to hold onto it until the show started.

Here I am saying hello to the magician on stage. Pretending we had never met before! He then proceeded to ask me to pick a card out of a deck. These cards had guy names on them however. The card I picked had the name Phil on it. He then proceeded to pop the balloon and open the message inside. Guess what it said…..dun dun dun….PHIL!  Mind blown. See the blurry picture below of me showing my card named Phil to the audience and the picture below after I read the name on the paper to the audience.

The theme of magic has been quite repetitive around me lately. I wonder if it’s some sort of sign. Haha. In any case, I had to get a picture with the magician before leaving. Apparently he’s been doing magic since the 70’s!


And to finish off here are some words that I find very true and inspiring. I tell this to my students on a daily basis and have it written in our classroom as a constant reminder.

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