Hair Au Naturale

2 Jan

I still haven’t decided what I want my new years resolution to be. I think I should resolve to have an awesome year in all aspects regardless of what hurdles come my way. CHEERS!

One of the things I did decide just before the end of the year was to stop trying so hard to tame my unruly hair. My natural hair is somewhere in between wavy and lion mane and so I had gotten used to straightening it using copious amounts of heat. After going semi blonde I decided my hair needed no further damage done to it so I have decided to accept my giant hair as it is.

After my mom stopped laughing the first time she saw my giant hair she sent me the following picture….


This is a saint they worship in Ecuador called Little Curly Haired Girl. Apparently my new do reminded her of me. Honestly, I don’t see the┬áresemblance. Sure we both have crazy curly hair, but I’m half blond and definitely not a saint….You decide:

big hair


bonus cat picture!!




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