Graduate School Part 2

11 Aug

I recently realized that there hasn’t been a year of my life since age 4 that I have not been in school. I know that this is typical for medical and PhD students, but I thought I would be done with formal schooling a long time ago. It’s been just over five years since graduating college and I am currently pursuing my second masters degree.

Although I already have a masters in engineering, that was not enough for the state of NY to allow me to pursue a teaching certification. Apparently I need to take education courses in order to be fully certified. Well, I just finished up my first full year of this education degree and so far I have maintained a 4.0. This semester I took Educational Psychology and the History of Education. Having to take classes that deal with understanding people, after taking all math and engineering coursework in college is quite a shift for me. This report card is one for the fridge!

Report Card

Also, I must admit that I was quite proud of my final project for my class about the history of education and the different theorists. We had to come up with  a visual metaphor to trace the roots/foundations of American schooling. The visual representation had to include at least four of the theorists we learned about and at least two significant tensions, questions and controversies in American education. This is what I came up with:

Visual Project

And yes, that’s me, the mad scientists. Looking back, I should have put a meter stick in his hands instead of a spatula. I am not very artistic but I am proud of myself for this I might even hang it up in my room. Just one year left of this degree, hopefully I can maintain the 4.0

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