Flight Prices Semi-Win

26 Jan

If you haven’t already read about it, today is the day airlines must start advertising flight prices that include taxes and mandatory fees. I had heard about this news earlier in the week but forgot until I started looking up flights. Being the avid traveler that I am, I can’t help but always be looking for that next sweet flight deal.

I realized this when I was searching around on the LanChile site. They usually have a all these advertisements on their site saying how cheap their flights are (before taxes of course) but this time, all I could find was a little banner tucked away in the corner:

Prices seemed higher than typically advertised and then I noticed it said “Final Price” under the cost. I remembered that it usually used to say +taxes. So now, when I fly to Ecuador, the flight won’t seem like it’s cheap and then mysteriously come out to $800. Now i’ll just know ahead of time I can’t afford it. At least this way I won’t get my hopes up =P

I doubt this will have any effect in forcing airlines to drop prices but at least they will have to be truthful in their advertising.

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