First Day IN School

4 Sep

Today was my first official day at my placement school, Hillcrest High School. Although it was Day 1, there are no students until Thursday. After my first day I have far too many mixed feelings.

I have a vision in my head of how awesome and exciting I want my classroom to be. It may seem like I am too optimistic in the eyes of veteran teachers, but I think it’s my kind of inexperience and excitement that is necessary to make true and much needed change in the world of science education.

In any case, I am drowning in things I still need to finish and also drowning in ideas I have for teaching. One thing I am currently trying to refine is my rewards system for my class. I am not sure how many of the teachers in my science department plan on using a rewards system (mainly because I haven’t had a chance to ask anyone) but I am still trying to figure one out that won’t seem to cheezy to high school students. I will be teaching 9th graders so I think I might have some flexibility in hoping I could catch their interest more easily than I would a high school senior. In any case, I was far too receive some stamp markers I ordered online the other day to help me keep track of awesome and above and beyond behavior in my class.


Basically the plan is that each student will receive a sheet with three grids. Each grid has 50 boxes. They will be able to collect up to 50 stamps and redeem certain numbers of stamps for a prize. I’m thinking the max of 50 stamps will receive 5 extra points on an exam. Maybe have 40 stamps be a HW pass. Not sure what to value the lower number of stamps. I was thinking a positive phone call or letter home for 10-20 stamps. Not too sure. I could use some suggestions. I have no idea what high schoolers like, besides socializing.

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