Fencer for Life

20 Jan

Though I don’t fence these days, I always look forward to the alumni fencing match at Stevens Institute of Technology. My best memories of when I was in college are related to fencing.

I look back now and am so happy I joined the team. Not only did I fall in love with the sport and work incredibly hard to improve, but I had the opportunity to travel all over the east coast for different matches and meet some of the most awesome people. One of my goals right now is to try and start up a fencing club/team at the high school I teach at because I think it would be a wonderful opportunity for kids to get involved in.

So today at the alumni match I fenced two of the foil fencers currently on the team. One of them just one the Stevens Invitational so I was afraid of getting whooped. Although I haven’t picked up a sword since this time last year, I managed to win both of my bouts. The first one went into overtime after we were both tied 3-3. The second one I was up 2-1 when time ran out.

Here is a video with my friend Emily as a narrator in the background. Be warned, I used to scream when I got a touch or got frustrated on the strip so you might hear some shouting. I am the one on the left.

[jwplayer mediaid=”2224″]

Emily the Epee fencer and Me

Emily the Epee fencer and Me



fencing 2

I’m on the left up 2-0


fencing 3

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