Engineered Teacher Tools

8 Oct

I am now going into the sixth week of teaching and I have become a bit more accustomed of the day to day lifestyle. My life is pretty much consumed by all that I need to do on a daily basis that involves teaching, planning, preparing, grading, etc.

One of the things I noticed from the very start of when I began teaching was how easily writing utensils seem to disappear throughout he day and also how much they are needed when they are no where to be found. So now that I have finally had a minute of spare time I decided to rummage around my house and see what tools I could find so I could engineer up something to fix this pesky little problem.

Now I know there exist items I can purchase to fix this problem but what’s the fun in that? I have contemplated a pocket protector but  I don’t always wear shirts with pockets and most of the times I wear dresses that have nothing but a flowery pattern.

I took my teach for america lanyard and attached a safety pin to it to serve as a place for multiple writing utensils to hang. We’ll see how this works in action. I visualize it making some noise and potentially getting in the way while I write on the board. But, won’t know until I put it to the test!

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