Day 1 Prep!!

29 Aug

Today I was focusing on creating a detailed agenda for the first day of class. I have 48 minutes to spend with students and have a lot to cover so I am mapping everything minute by minute. One of the first things I am planning to do is to introduce myself to students in the hopes that they feel they can relate to me since I once sat in a similar setting they did, not too long ago.

Because I don’t have much time to spend I was able to summarize my life in 8 slides with an additional 2 slides as intro pages. Check i out.

By the way, I purposely chose a picture of mars taken by Curiosity as my slide background. Start getting the kids thinking about Space! I am planning on having a couple minute discussion on who can guess where this picture is from!

After I get to talk all about myself, I will turn the stage to the students to share something about themselves and then we will get down to business by covering out syllabus, classroom rules, consequences and rewards system. Oh, and I am considering lighting some money on fire if I am given approval.

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