Crochet Adventures

15 Oct

If you can’t already tell by my lack of posts, my teaching job has pretty much consumed my life. I live in 45 minute intervals and plan my events around that schedule.

My commute to work has its pros and cons. One major pro is that I live in NYC and live two blocks away from two different train lines. One con is that since I live and work in Queens, there is no direct way to get to my school because all trains go into the city so my commute is a bit lengthy. I have come to really enjoy the commute however because I can multitask. I sometimes grade papers, sometimes I catch up on sleep. Mostly though I read and this week I managed to crochet up a sleeve for my nook in less than a weeks commute.

I found that a protective case was becoming necessary for my Nook since I have been carrying around a backpack full of my stuff and my students’ stuff and my nook slowly has been getting lost in the mess. After considering crocheting kitten mittens I figured I would make something a bit more useful at the present time. Who knows how much he kitten will grow and end up out growing any mittens I might make!

This was my first time crocheting anything. I wasn’t very sure what I was doing but figured it out along the way. I am quite pleased with the results considering I didn’t measure anything to begin with.

Nook inside the new sleeve. Had to include some teacher stuff

Snug fit. Backdrop is a poster made by my brother!

Side by Side Comparison

What do you think?? I personally love the way the mixed blue and yellow colors came out.

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