Class Schedule

30 Aug


Went to my school today. Got my daily schedule and saw my awesome classroom. I get my own classroom!! And it’s airconditioned, unlike most of the rest of the building. Gotta love being a science teacher. I also get an awesome lab room!

So here’s my schedule. Like I said I have four physics classes and one earth science. My physics sections are all 9th grade and my earth science class are students in 10th-12th grade.

The number next to each class on Monday is the number of students in the class. Adding all those up, I will have 135 students. Meaning I have 135 names to learn and 135 parents/guardians to call within the first couple of weeks!


One of the things I also got a hold of was the text book for my class. Here is an awesome picture of it.

Boosie loves physics!


But seriously here’s the text book.

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