Chuck Norris of Physics

16 Jan

Yesterday, after a frustrating day at school, I was venting with a fellow science teacher. My main frustrations come from the fact that I feel that many of my students do not realize the importance of their education and the time we spend together. I mean, I remember being a teenager and just wanting to have fun and socialize, but I always made sure it wasn’t at the expense of my grades.

In any case, I said something to my fellow teacher about feeling inadequate to teach physics after a day like that and she turned my quote into a meme. My exact quote was this:

Chuck Norris of physics


But seriously…I feel like most times if I work hard enough and set my mind towards it, I can do anything!! Right now, I feel the harder I try, the harder I fail. I need to figure out how teenagers get motivated to want to learn…I’m open to suggestions because my tough love and sarcasm are not working haha.

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