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Making Friends

6 Aug

For some reason the more free time I have, the less I actually blog. Makes no sense at all to me, I guess I just get lazy and become very inefficient. Last week however, I mustered up the energy to go on a bike ride toward Fort Geene Park for some R & R.

It was a pretty short ride, only about 4 miles each way. Unfortunately I got a flat on my way there. Lucky for me there are a million awesome bike shops in Brooklyn so I was able to get it repaired immediately.

On my way back from my lovely ride I was honked at by some inconsiderate and ignorant to rules of the road driver. I expressed my feelings about them honking their horn at me both physically and with my words. Drivers, be kind to bike riders, we are vehicles on the road too.
While at the park I continued reading the book  Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James Loewen. The title basically summarizes the book but here is a bit more detailed description of it’s context.

After surveying twelve leading high school American history texts, he has concluded that not one does a decent job of making history interesting or memorable. Marred by an embarrassing combination of blind patriotism, mindless optimism, sheer misinformation, and outright lies, these books omit almost all the ambiguity, passion, conflict, and drama from our past. In ten powerful chapters, Loewen reveals that:

  • The United States dropped three times as many tons of explosives in Vietman as it dropped in all theaters of World War II, including Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Ponce de Leon went to Florida mainly to capture Native Americans as slaves for Hispaniola, not to find the mythical fountain of youth
  • Woodrow Wilson, known as a progressive leader, was in fact a white supremacist who personally vetoed a clause on racial equality in the Covenant of the League of Nations
  • The first colony to legalize slavery was not Virginia but Massachusetts

From the truth about Columbus’s historic voyages to an honest evaluation of our national leaders, Loewen revives our history, restoring to it the vitality and relevance it truly possesses.

For someone who has always struggled with enjoying and believing the history I was taught in high school, I am really digging this book.

While at the park, I also managed to make a new friend by sharing some of my food. Check him out, he was quite brave and adorable.



In any case, I am back to training for this week. I am pretty excited because we are getting into some content specific workshops which for me means PHYSICS!!!

The Modern Way

4 May

I have been enjoying folk music qiuite a lot lately. It’s just so easy to listen to and relaxing. Not sure where I found this next song but it’s about a year old and I love the sound, the mellowness, love the singers voice and I love the message.

I love the concept of the video too, knocking on doors and playing shows inside people’s homes.

This is Modern Way by The Alternates



Music Mood

7 Mar

My weekend starts today, wohoo! To celebrate I am sharing two songs that I happened to hear today and are now stuck in my head. Enjoy!


I don’t think I have heard any CocoRosie since my college days so it was nice to hear this song today. This is Lemonade by CocoRosie. It’s a slow start but just wait for it.




And always a lovely song. I can listen to this one one repeat for hours and sing along just as loudly every time. Hey Jude by the Beatles



Moon Colony

26 Jan

Hey Newt, I studied engineering, math and science (and continue to study). I work in the space industry designing parts for a spaceship that was supposed to go back to the moon. I think boldly about the future, I study hard and work hard. BUT SERIOUSLY? You have never been so detached from reality. Everything he is saying in this video is to win the votes of Floridians by saying things that they want to hear.

Not sure what his plan is to do this but plenty of people already think NASA spends way too much government money. Let’s see what percentage of the federal budget the Space industry actually takes up.

If you can read the tiny number in the pie chart, that’s 2% dedicated to general science, space and technology.

And for those of you who are cheering for commercial space, I am all for it, but why did SpaceX indefinitely postpone their early February mission to dock with the ISS?

“We believe that there are a few areas that will benefit from additional work and will optimize the safety and success of this mission,” Kirstin Grantham, a SpaceX spokeswoman, told Los Angeles Times in a statement.

Designing for Space is no joke. Hardware cannot be built without the highest level of reliability and everything is being designed, built, tested and qualified as a first time, unique item practically. Designing for space is a task that requires incredible due diligence and serious amounts of analysis. And all this  boils down to high costs. I know this because I am surrounded by it every day.

On a lighter note…here’s me posing with a few spacesuits!


Flight Prices Semi-Win

26 Jan

If you haven’t already read about it, today is the day airlines must start advertising flight prices that include taxes and mandatory fees. I had heard about this news earlier in the week but forgot until I started looking up flights. Being the avid traveler that I am, I can’t help but always be looking for that next sweet flight deal.

I realized this when I was searching around on the LanChile site. They usually have a all these advertisements on their site saying how cheap their flights are (before taxes of course) but this time, all I could find was a little banner tucked away in the corner:

Prices seemed higher than typically advertised and then I noticed it said “Final Price” under the cost. I remembered that it usually used to say +taxes. So now, when I fly to Ecuador, the flight won’t seem like it’s cheap and then mysteriously come out to $800. Now i’ll just know ahead of time I can’t afford it. At least this way I won’t get my hopes up =P

I doubt this will have any effect in forcing airlines to drop prices but at least they will have to be truthful in their advertising.

R.I.P Megaupload

19 Jan

The Feds have killed Megaupload….WITHOUT NEEDING SOPA!! The end of the internet has begun….

R.I.P. Megaupload, 2005-2012


17 Jan

Thailand travels

21 Dec


sleeping buddah

Buddah at Ayutthaya

White temple in chiang rai

winter vacation #2

15 Dec

So I recently returned from Ecuador and I’m leaving again but this time for Thailand! Third continent this month!

I will be there for 3 Weeks. I’ll post as much as I can about my travels. I have never been in Asia so I am pretty excited. Not too excited about the 15 hour flight to Beijing first….

Good-byes are always tough

11 Dec

Today I leave Ecuador. Besides missing my family of course, I am going to miss my girls. They always seem to know when someone is travelling and get sad.

Good-bye Tipper