Big Brother Anyone??

12 Mar

I am a little bit late on this topic but how is this OK?!?! How is putting drones in the skies throughout the country aligned with our constitution?! How is this country not turning into 1984 word for word?! I mean lets face it, the majority of this country has it’s mind controlled by idiotic reality TV shows, the country is practically run by the privileged elite i.e. like a plutocracy and now we are going to be surveillanced 24/7.

Let’s do some rough math, because we all know how much I LOVE math!

Approximate surface area of the US = 3,794,100 sq. miles

Drones/Sq. Mile = 30,000/3,794,100 = 0.008 drones per square mile

Approximate Size of Connecticut = 5,542 sq. miles

Drones in CT-sized State = 0.008*5542 = 44 Drones

# of Towns in CT = 169

Average Towns per Drone = 169/44 = 3.84 ≈ 4 towns per surveillance drone

It takes about 30 min for me to drive from my house and loop around three other towns before I get back. So yea, imagine a drone just hanging out above your general direction for 24 hours.


Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you don’t agree with my stance, but I seriously consider this just an outrageous and inconsiderate invasion of privacy and WASTE of tax dollars.

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