Bank of America = EPIC FAIL

2 Nov

I usually try to be as politically correct on this blog, but I feel the time to be polite in addressing certain topics is over.


Why do I say this? Here are a only a few reasons:

  1. They decided to charge their customers $5 for atm usage
  2. Shortly after announcing they were going to screw over all their customers, they decided to push out and bribe two of their top executives. Not only did they both get their yearly salary of $850,000 paid, but they will be recieving a lump sum of ~5 million dollars in addition. OH! And almost forgot, they get their health benefits too. Don’t believe me? See for yourself: Bank of America Sucks
  3. They decided to abolish the $5 fee. TOO LATE!
I must admit, I do have a BoA account myself but guess what:
Found this on reddit and describes my feelings exactly.
Good-bye Bank of America. I will not miss you one

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