31 Aug

There is something to be said about a song that you can’t stop listening to over and over and over and again. I typically fall in love with songs for about a week at a time and then get over it.

Not this time.

The story begins a few years ago, when my brother Rob took me along to a show somewhere in Brooklyn. We get to the place which was below the train tracks and my brother walks towards this door in the middle of all these buildings and points, “this is it!” I wasn’t quite sure how he knew this one random, beat up door was the entrance to the show, but who was I to question? So we went in and up the most narrow stairs I have ever climbed. At the top there were about three open rooms aligned next to each other like a half hexagon. The stage was in the biggest room where the walls were semi-finished and somewhat covered in random artwork. I had never heard any of the bands playing until finally, something familiar. Something I had heard my brother play over and over again while at my parents home. So after the song my brother went over to the singer of the band, who apparently he was good friends with, and started chatting. The band was Future Islands. I had heard one song by them before and was absolutely blown away by their music style. It was so fresh but at the same time so painfully true.

After that show it all fell into the background buried by all the new music I attempt to keep up with. Until recently when I was doing my usual routine check of the blog the music ninja that I heard their new song. Once again I was blown away. I can’t get enough of it, the song is happy and sad all in one. Upbeat but incredibly thought provoking. I know it sounds cheezy, but it’s like future islands i talking to ME!

The video was just released five days ago and it made me fall in love with the song even more. Take a look and enjoy the music and video for yourself. The song is Balance by Future Islands and can be downloaded here



And because I love this song so much I wrote down the lyrics =)

And you can clean around the wound
But if you want it to heal, it just takes time
And you can go to the moon, but if you want something to change
You gotta change your life and take your time
It just takes time. It just takes time. It just takes time
Hard work and your time
And the sun will leave the room, leave you to the night, that’s alright.
Because before the morning comes
there’s a certain calm and then there’s light
It just takes time. Its just takes time.
A littile trust and your time, you can change your life.
It just takes time.
And I can sit and talk, cuz I was just like you
So arrogant and brave
Perpetually sad and blue.
But trust me as a friend and I will do all that I can do
And I’d do anything for, cuz I wanna see you through
It just takes time.
Hard work and your time
You can change your life, it just takes time.
A little trust and your time.
A little trust and your time.
A little trust and your time.
It just takes time
A little trust and your time.
Hard work and your time
Hard work and your time
Hard work and your time

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