100,000 Student Classroom

24 Oct

After a frustrating week in the classroom, I stumbled upon a useful and motivating video on Ted talks.

About a year ago I was toying with the idea to not only to take my last few classes to complete my masters degree but to also sign up for two free online and world-wide offered classes from Stanford in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I ended up deciding that taking 4 classes, especially two Stanford classes, while working full time was a bad idea.

Today however, the topic of those classes came up on a ted talks podcast I was listening to on my way home from school. As I continue along the slippery slope of teacher phases (see chart below) this lecture was quite refreshing

The Evolution of a Teacher


It’s true what they learned about Teach for America (4:50) because I try to implement these things in my class every day – “A class is not primarily about information more important is motivation and determination. It’s crucial that the students see that we are working hard for them and they’re all supporting each other.”

You better believe I am working hard for all 162 of my students.


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